Retention Planning Permission

Building works which are not considered exempt from the Planning Regulations and do not have the appropriate Planning Permission are deemed unauthorised developments. In order to regularise an unauthorised development a Retention Planning Permission must be sought from the relevant Planning Authority.

Planning permission is permission for a structure you intend to build. Retention permission is permission for an unauthorised structure or partially constructed structure that is already built without the relevant Planning Permission.

The most common reasons our Clients need retention planning are for extensions to the side and/or front of the existing house, extensions built to the rear that exceeds the permitted 40 sq. metres our other specialised reasons.

In most instances retention planning permission is usually for minor domestic additions that need to be regularised (corrected),these issues range from unauthorised rear extensions or large garden sheds / the addition of a front porch / unauthorised side extensions/ the removal of front garden walls to provide for off street parking, to name but a few.